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Professional Jewelry Restoration

If you have high-quality old jewelry that you want restored, your goal should be to repair or restore what is missing or broken so that it blends seamlessly with the original. Allow the expert craftsmen at Jewels by George to bring life back to your important pieces of jewelry. Restoring your antique or heirloom jewelry will likely involve a combination of approaches to ensure it's as close as possible to its original condition.


Whether you need a simple deep cleaning or intensive repairs, let us handle it for you. Call us today to make your appointment for jewelry restoration.

  • Applying filigree or millegraining

  • Cleaning

  • Engraving

  • Fixing bent shanks

  • Polishing

  • Re-cutting chipped diamonds and gemstones

  • Removing incorrect repairs and poorly-performed solder seams

  • Repairing broken or worn prongs

  • Replacing lost stones

  • Replacing worn or broken shanks

  • Thickening bezel walls

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Jewelry restoration may include: